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Norrbottens Bildemontering AB

Anders Jansson started the company in 1973 with his father. The availability of suitable housing and cheap land was the reason why it was established in Storsund. From its start and until 1979 all activities was handled from a bus garage that had been built to fit the business. From that room the entire operation was run, including sales.


norrbottens bildemontering

1973 when the company started it had only a few employees. During the 90's the company saw a major expansion when the data and the Internet was introduced as a sales tool. The number of employees increased since to about 15 people. In recent years, an ongoing expansion changed Bildemontering Norrbotten AB to a smaller industry with approximately 25-30 employees. The business concept of operations has ever since the start been taking care of smashed and discarded vehicles, and from those items primarily sell used parts and in the alternative materials for reuse or recycling.
The company is certified according ISO 14001 Environment and ISO 9001 quality.


Norrbotten Bildemontering has as its objective to develop the company in harmony with the industry's demands from authorities, producers and customers. The industry is changing so rapidly today that an ongoing development is important, otherwise you end up soon in a situation where it no longer meets the requirements for the day. The company has long been group of image mounts as a leader in the industry in Sweden.


Laws and regulations change the condition of the car dismantling industry all the time. In 2007, revenues from the car handling considerably due to scrap premiums disappeared and fewer cars were scrapped. Prior to 2008 there was great uncertainty about what the future had in store. Norrbotten Bildemontering chose to invest aggressively in new staff to increase capacity to find more salable parts from the purchased item. Many others in the industry chose instead to reduce its staff and not develop the business, with declining sales as a result. The company spent a lot of time to improve computer support, find the best assistance programs and works so that in an environmentally sound manner providing second-hand original parts, spare parts with high quality at competitive prices. Norrbotten Bildemontering have with the environment and quality of basic managed to convince more customers to choose second-hand.


Norrbottens Bildemontering AB
Used original parts for most vehicles by year's model.